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Socialization Visits
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Puppies are known to have a critical socialization period that lasts through the first 14-16 weeks*. During this very brief window, it is very important we provide POSITIVE experiences with many different people, dogs, and environments EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. As critical as this is, however, it is not always easy for busy families to be able to provide an optimal socialization experience. That's where I can help. I can take your puppy to town centers, into stores, and around playgrounds. I can even host a supervised playdate with your puppy and other puppies or dogs.

*Socialization should continue throughout the entire first year of a dog's life.

For more information on socialization, please read these two position statements.

AVMA Socialization of Puppies and Kittens

AVSAB Position Statement on Puppy Socialization

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