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Behavioral Issues

Let me help you with nuisance behaviors such as demand barking, excessive whining or jumping up on people. The first step will be to meet to evaluate the problem. We will follow this up with a detailed program to address it.

I also work with puppies and dogs with fear-based issues and anxiety. One common problem I see is anxiety/reactivity to visitors to the home. Another one is a dog refusing brushing. Whatever your dog's issues are, I can usually help.

Does your dog growl when you try to take a forbidden item away? Or when you ask him to get off the couch? This maladaptive behavior is called resource guarding and, fortunately, it is readily treatable using force-free methods.

Does your dog bark and lunge on the leash when she sees another dog? Or does she go crazy when she sees the UPS driver? It's a frustrating and often embarrassing problem, but I promise it doesn't have to be this way. We will use a combination of training techniques and desensitization/counter-conditioning to help change both how your dog FEELS and BEHAVES while on leash. 

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