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Great Toy for Puppies

There are 3 things you can count on in this life: death, taxes, and mouthy puppies. Okay, that was a bit facetious. But it is true that puppy mouthing is as normal as it is unpleasant. To counter this, one technique I use is redirection to an acceptable chew toy. My favorite is the Skineez brand of toys. Why? Besides being inexpensive (Amazon often sells these for under $7) and stuffing-free, the Skineez toys come in a version almost 2-feet long. I always recommend that my puppy parents purchase at least one 23-inch long Skineez plush to keep sharp puppy teeth far away from hands. 


EasyWalk Harness Makes Walking Easy

I love the Petsafe EasyWalk Harness because unlike most harnesses it reduces pulling. The typical harness has a loop at the top back. Because dogs instinctively pull against this (think of a sled dog!) these harnesses encourage pulling.

The Easy Walk Harness has the loop on the front of the dog's chest which steers your dog to your side. It's adjustable, inexpensive and comes in a number of colors and sizes.

easywalk harness photo.jpg

Best Rain Coat

This amazing jacket is designed like a horse blanket and is great for foul weather and cool days. It's completely waterproof and is easy to put on. It comes in a few colors and many sizes. It's great 3 season coat. The only downside is your dog may need a warmer coat for those 20 and below days.

Derby Originals coat.jpeg

The Indispensable Kong

Most dog owners are already familiar with the non-toxic Kong but are they actually harnessing its awesome power? When used strategically, the stuffed kong can satisfy your dog's need to chew while simultaneously teaching your dog to be happy and relaxed in its crate. In my opinion, every dog owner should own several kongs. Trust me. You and your dog will thank me.

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