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Coyote Mating Season: Be Extra Careful with Pets!

Recently I've had two reports of unusually aggressive coyote behavior here in Newton. In both cases, packs of 2-3 coyotes jumped fences and attempted to approach large-breed dogs in the yards.

What's going on? Well, it's coyote mating season which means male coyotes may be more aggressive than usual. Mating season runs from late December through March but is at its peak right now in late February/early March.

Now is the time to be especially careful with your pets large and small. Depending on the dog in question, it may be seen as prey, competition or even a mating partner. (Yes, coyotes can breed with dogs.) So when letting dogs out at night, turn on lights and go out with pets if at all concerned. Scare away coyotes by waving your arms and yelling or aiming a flashlight at them.

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